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We sort of have this stereotype that women’s hockey is that much different than men’s hockey, when really, hockey is hockey. We’re fast, we’re talented, we’re amazing athletes. And if people could sort of throw away this ‘oh, women are a little bit less skilled than the men’ notion, that would be great. Because we’re great athletic women, who are amazing role models, who are super involved in each community that we touch. It’s just… It would be nice for the entire world to sort of open up and accept that.
— Hilary Knight for ESPN’s body issue (x)


adds “we just caught our alternate universe selves making out and now everything is super awkward” to list of shipping tropes that need to be implemented everywhere


no but brandon saad and jamie benn

these two fairly big dudes who look kind of like they could seriously hurt you

and then they open their mouths and it’s like



what happened to “take your fandom to work” day? it was a thing in like 2011? it was cute? i would love to read that in hockey rpf since lots of you have really interesting/fascinatingly mundane jobs?

You didn’t see too many of my culture playing when I first started, It was all just Canadian or white. Now when I see my little cousin playing, you see so much more diverse backgrounds. It’s going to turn into a baseball thing, where everyone is from somewhere else. To see that you can make a difference, it’s great.
— Nazem Kadri on inspiring kids in the muslim community to play hockey and the diversity emerging in the sport.


never forget that time he put ice in ladd’s helmet

make me choose: hilary knight or any staal
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